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DMG Forums 2.2
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Join Date: 8/30/2005
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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: 7/9/2006 4:41:06 PM

DMG Forums 2.2

Released: 7-9-2006

Download Version 2.2 (full install)

Download Version 2.2 (upgrade from 2.1)

Instructions for a full installation or for upgrading from any previous version are contained in the README.html file that is included with the download.

By downloading this software you agree to our end-user license agreement.

For a breakdown of some of the major features offered with this system, view the DMG Forums Feature Listings page.



Join Date: 8/30/2005
Posts: 656
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: 7/9/2006 4:41:24 PM

DMG Forums 2.2 is a full upgrade to the 2.x core and offers many new enhancements to the portal system. The member functions have been updated to allow users much more options when using your forum site. Members can now post journals or blogs which act as private forum topics that are attached to their profile pages. The profiles have also been updated to allow users more control of their appearance so that members can set up accounts similar to a Myspace page. With the enhanced member functionality comes a new page for users to perform all tasks relating to their profile. Instead of merely being able to edit their profile, users will now use the new DMG Forums User Control Panel to manage their accounts.

The other major topic covered in this release is e-mail functionality. There are new screens available to admins to turn on the option to allow users to e-mail each other or to allow members to receive e-mails notifying them that a topic has been replied to. Also, a new e-mail verification system can be turned on to force new users to verify their e-mail address before signing up an account.

Along with all of the new features in this release comes a much more secure portal system. The security of the application was modified to make it more difficult for a hacker to gain entry into your site.

New Features In Version 2.2

  • Members can now post blogs which are connected to their profile page.
  • After their first blog has been posted, members can access their blogs by browsing to http://yoursite/blogs/username/.
  • Users can subscribe to threads or receive e-mail notices of new replies.
  • Many new e-mail functions are available for the admins to activate.
  • Admins can force new registrations to be verified manually or by an activation e-mail.

    Enhancements In Version 2.2

  • Advanced member profile pages and the new user control panel.
  • More of the layout has been placed in style sheets to eliminate redundant HTML code.
  • Admins can now upload a background image for the entire site.
  • The administrator can choose to show only the required registration information when new users register for quicker signup.

    Bug Fixes In Version 2.2

  • Security vulnerabilities have been fixed with the way users log in.
  • Moderators can no longer modify posts that were created by admins or other moderators.
  • Admins can now upload custom avatars for any user.
  • The repair forum counts function is now called when topics are deleted or moved to reset counts.

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