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DMG Forums 2.1
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Join Date: 8/30/2005
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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: 3/9/2006 9:58:08 PM

DMG Forums 2.1

Released: 3-10-2006

Download Version 2.1 (full install)

Download Version 2.1 (upgrade from 2.0)

Instructions for a full installation or for upgrading from any previous version are contained in the README.html file that is included with the download.

By downloading this software you agree to our end-user license agreement.

For a breakdown of some of the major features offered with this system, view the DMG Forums Feature Listings page.



Join Date: 8/30/2005
Posts: 656
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: 3/9/2006 9:58:19 PM

DMG Forums Version 2.1 is a maintenance release that adds to the many features of Version 2.0. The two main topics that were covered in this release were forms validation and the ability to install multiple forums to the same database. All form validation has been repaired so that code snippets can be posted to the forums without receiving error messages. Previously the text boxes would not accept < or > characters to be able to post HTML code.

The web.config file has been modified to add a few new lines. These new additions are explained in the post below and MUST be added to your current site or it will be broken!

There are no database changes made to move from Version 2.0 to Version 2.1, thus the setup.aspx file will not have to be run if you are upgrading. Just download the upgrade ZIP file and copy the new files into your application.

New Features In Version 2.1

  • Multiple forums can now be installed using a single database.
  • New DMG Admin Codes available.
  • Forum statistics can now be displayed on Members page.

    Enhancements In Version 2.1

  • Form validation has been improved.
  • HTML can now be posted into threads for displaying code.
  • Better error messages are displayed if any SQL problems occur during setup.

    Bug Fixes In Version 2.1

  • A link on Topics.aspx that was incorrectly pointing to Default.aspx was changed to ForumHome.aspx.
  • Quote buttons have been hidden on locked forums or topics.
  • Errors are eliminated when trying to post code snippets to the forums.
  • Fixes were made on register.aspx and editprofile.aspx to make the text boxes ASP.NET 2.0 compatible.
  • The apostrophe character can now be entered into setup.aspx forms without receiving a database error.

  • grimmeissen


    Join Date: 8/30/2005
    Posts: 656
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Posted: 3/9/2006 9:58:30 PM

    The web.config file that is shipped with Version 2.1 contains the code displayed below.

    <!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

    <compilation defaultLanguage="VB" debug="false" />
    <pages validateRequest="false" />

    <add key="DatabaseString" value="Provider=SQLOLEDB..." />
    <add key="DatabasePrefix" value="DMG" />


    The new pieces of code in this file are the <pages validateRequest="false" /> line under the system.web section and the <add key="DatabasePrefix" value="DMG" /> line under the appSettings section. These lines must be added to your current application or it will not run. The validateRequest line can be left alone and is part of the new forms validation improvements.

    The DatabasePrefix line is part of the new feature that allows multiple forums to be installed to the same database. The default for naming tables in the database for previous versions of DMG Forums was DMG_TableName. This prefix "DMG_" could not be modified and thus only one instance of DMG Forums could be installed for a single database. Now, if this prefix value is changed to any other string with no spaces, the tables will have a different prefix when setup.aspx is run. To use the same database for multiple applications, merely run setup.aspx on an application with one prefix, then upload a different web.config to another DMG Forums application with a different prefix. Running setup.aspx on the next application with a different prefix and the same DatabaseString will install another forums instance to the same database.

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