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Users and Groups?
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Join Date: 1/8/2007
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Posted: 1/8/2007 6:09:09 PM

Where do I go to promote people to Moderator or Admin status?

Also, when creating a forum there is a dropdown list labeled "Security" which has some options:

All Visitors
Allowed Members
Password Protected
Moderators Only
Members Only

I assume unregistered users are All Visitor status while registered users count as Members, but what's the difference between Allowed Members and Members Only? If I were to choose the password protected option, where do I set the password?

I've looked all through the Administratioons page and I don't see controls for any of this. Where am I missing it?

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Posted: 1/8/2007 9:27:14 PM

I probably should have had a tutorial on this at some point, but you know how that goes.

All visitors is anyone who comes to the site (including unregistered). For the other options, when you select one of them, more boxes will pop up allowing you to pick more options.

For example, when you choose "Allowed Members," a box will pop up allowing you to add members who are allowed to see this forum.

When you pick "Password Protected," a box will pop up below the drop-down where you can type in the forum's password.

"Member's Only" is much like Allowed Members, but this will let ALL registered members see the forum, not just ones that you specify.

As for changing someone to a moderator, just edit their profile and you will see a "Member Level" drop-down box. By default they are set as "Forum Member." You can change this to Moderator or Administrator.

If you want their title that appears under their username to say "Moderator" or "Admin," you can just edit their custom title box and select "Yes" on the drop-down that asks whether or not the member should use a custom title.

One thing to note is that you can change someone to a moderator, change their title to "Moderator," and then select an option that doesn't allow them to change their custom title.

Hopefully this stuff helps you out.

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